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Vaillant boiler pilot light keeps going out


If you have an older boiler with a pilot light, the pilot will generally have a thermocouple to monitor the pilot. It would be connected to the gas valve. Suppose you have a problem with the pilot light going out. In that case, it could be that the pilot flame is no longer enveloping the thermocouple properly, the thermocouple has a dirty contact or is defective, or you may have a defective gas valve. Either way, you will need an engineer to find the root cause. They will visit you at your home and give you the best possible solution as we advance. This blog titled Vaillant boiler pilot light keeps going out, will further explain what you can do if a Vaillant boiler pilot light keeps going out. 

Before we go into more detail, let’s first work out exactly what a pilot light is. It is a device that enables the continuous burn of a flame inside your boiler. You need this flame to keep burning once ignited to release the gases. For the heat to be generated, the pilot light flame helps ignite the gas and to keep the heat going. In turn, water gets heated and is spread across your home or wherever hot water is needed. On the other hand, if you happen to be looking for a boiler installation London service, then read all about it on our homepage. 

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Is a boiler safe if the pilot light goes out?

A boiler with an inactive pilot light is highly dangerous as it releases gas even when the flame is not lit. This puts you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. At the same time, if the pilot light is equipped with a thermocouple, then the risk will be low. This would mean the gas flow shuts off once the pilot goes out. Remember that older appliances may need flow control for the pilot light. This indicates that if the flame is extinguished, the gas will continue to flow, thus paving the way for a hazardous situation. Now, if you wish to stay updated about the many elements behind boilers and central heating systems, then our list of blogs should prove helpful. Read inspiring content on topics such as boiler in loft pros and cons to name one.

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What causes a pilot light to go out?

Some reasons your pilot light would keep going out is if it is dirty, uneven or damaged over time. So, if your pilot opening has accumulated dirt and other residue and hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then the pilot light, when lit, would produce a yellow light that would keep going off. If dirt builds up in the pilot light port, it can prevent the flame from enveloping the thermocouple completely. Alternatively, keep a lookout for boiler in loft regulations if you are thinking about going for one. Still got questions about our answer to Vaillant boiler pilot light keeps going out? We’re getting there!

How much does it cost to replace a thermocouple?

Getting a thermocouple replaced isn’t exactly a costly thing to get done. However, this job would need to be handled by a boiler engineer unless you can do this by yourself. In that case, it might cost you anywhere between £50 and £200 if a professional were to help you. Eventually, getting this sorted doesn’t take much effort if you know what to do. On the contrary, did you know that older furnace versions usually came equipped with thermocouples. Today, more newer installations have to use electronic ignition furnaces. These ones are more energy-efficient as they don’t have a pilot that constantly burns gas.